Free Resources

The team at Hero HQ are really proud of Hero and how it supports schools to track and understand learning trends. We are also conscious that there is a need for different sorts of analysis of data that does not form part of the main app. The tools available on this website are freely available for anyone to use, including schools who do not currently use Hero. The tools and reports on this site use data that can be extracted from Hero or other data sources.

Some of the tools are designed to support action planning and implementation whilst others provide specific data analysis or conversion functions. Please feel free to explore these tools.

NOTE: The tools provided on this website are free to use, however we are not able to provide any technical support or advice. No data is stored or accessible by anyone else and the reports that you generate are not stored or retrievable after the initial download.

Hero Tools by Linc Technologies is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International