Hero Webinar Series

After a successful launch in 2020, the Hero Webinar Series is back for 2021!

What is provided?

Opportunity for timely ongoing PLD for your whole school

Webinars can be accessed by any member of your staff community, with topics catering for administrators, school leaders and teachers.

Access to Premium Content

Video recordings of premium content will be sent to your school, giving you the flexibility to revisit later as a part of wider PLD, or to access if you can’t make the webinar time.

Connect with our Team

An opportunity for Q&A with our Hero consultants.

View a taster of webinar recordings from 2020.

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Webinar Timetable - Term 3, 2021

Overview of sessions available this term. To register your school for webinar PD please click the link above.

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School Holidays No sessions
Week 1 No sessions
Week 2
Wednesday the 4th of August 2021, 3.15pm Teaching

Tips and Tricks for Efficiency of Posting

How to quickly enter posts for a group, upload media, monitor your posting, proofread and publish posts.

Who should Attend?


Week 3
Wednesday the 11th of August 2021, 1.30pm Teaching

Goals, Goals, Goals

How to set up, add exemplars, update goals, use in your everyday teaching, inform planning and sharing with parents

Who should attend?

School Leaders

Week 4
Tuesday the 17th of August 2021, 11.00am Office Administration

Frequently Asked Questions From Office Administrators

The questions and answers to the things most commonly asked by office administrators

Who should attend?

Office Administrators

Week 5
Wednesday the 25th of August 2021, 1.30pm Teaching

Digital Badging

An Interview with a senior leader from one of our Hero school's on how they implemented and are using digital badging

Who Should Attend?

School Leaders

Week 6
Tuesday the 31st of August, 11.00am Finance

Finance Reporting to the Board

Who Should Attend?

Finance Officers

Week 7
Wednesday the 8th of September, 1:30pm Teaching

How to Integrate Hero Into Your School

Bringing your staff onboard

Who should attend?

School Leaders

Week 8
Tuesday the 14th of September, 11:00am Office Administration

An Interview with an Office Administrator

Learn from the experiences of an experienced administrator who uses Hero every day.

Who should attend?

Office Administrators

Week 9
Wednesday the 22 of September, 1:30pm Teaching

Different ways to set up and use staff pages, including sharing with other teachers.

Who should attend?

School Leaders

Week 10 No sessions