Hero Webinar Series

After a successful series in 2021, the Hero Webinar Series is back for 2022!

What is provided?

Opportunity for timely ongoing PLD for your whole school

Webinars can be accessed by any member of your staff community, with topics catering for administrators, school leaders and teachers.

Access to Premium Content

Video recordings of premium content will be sent to your school, giving you the flexibility to revisit later as a part of wider PLD, or to access if you can’t make the webinar time.

Connect with our Team

An opportunity for Q&A with our Hero consultants.

View a taster of webinar recordings from 2021.

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Webinar Timetable - Term 1, 2023

Overview of sessions available this term. To register your school for webinar PD please click the link above.

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School Holidays No sessions
Week 1 No sessions
Week 2
Wednesday the 8th of February, 3.30pm Teaching

Hero-Savvy Students!

Hero gives tamariki the tools they need to understand their learning as it progresses, recognise what they have mastered, and know what to do next. This webinar is designed to equip you with the right ideas for bringing your learners onto Hero, building a strong foundation for the year ahead. Ideas include ways to best utilise the Student Feed, tips for getting students successfully signed in (exploring our new QR Codes feature), and safe security practices when managing 1:1 and 1-to-many devices.

Who should Attend?

Teachers and School Leaders

Week 3
Tuesday the 14th of February, 11am Office Administration

Breezing Through Ministry Requirements (March Roll Returns)

Time flies as we navigate the whirlwind period that is Term 1, and before we know it, March Roll Returns are on our doorstep. Hero makes this process a breeze for our heroes in the school office - so whether you're new to Hero or simply in need of a refresher, we're here to ensure your first Roll Returns of 2023 are fuss-free. Let our administration experts guide you step-by-step through this process, including Roll Return pre-checks, common enrolment errors, updating ENROL, and managing contacts.

Who should Attend?

Office Administrators

Wednesday the 15th of February, 11am Teaching

Feature Spotlight: New & Improved Report Customisation

The power is in your hands, with Customised Report Sequencing: the feature that enables schools to arrange report content in the sequence that best suits their needs. This webinar invites you to explore an epic piece of Hero development, designed to increase flexibility around the visual layout of reports - including easy-to-use sorting methods applied to pages, page assessments, page subjects, and more!

Who should Attend?

School Leaders and Hero Leads

Week 4 No sessions
Week 5 No sessions
Week 6
Tuesday the 7th of March, 11am Teaching

The Ultimate Guide to Consolidating Apps, with Hero

Hero connects key elements of holistic learning and school-life in one place - online, real time, anywhere and on any device. We're here to help your school put its best foot forward in the new year, by reviewing your current systems and processes and ways that Hero can swoop in to save your staff and caregivers from app-overload. This webinar will arm you with tangible next steps to create school-wide cohesion, increase visibility over learning as it unfolds, and drive engagement across your caregiver community to strengthen 3-way learning partnerships

Who should Attend?

Teachers and School Leaders

Week 7 No sessions
Week 8
Tuesday the 21st of March, 3:30pm Teaching

Time-Saving Habits and Efficiencies

Hero has been intentionally designed with features and workflows that allow users to work smarter, not harder - saving valuable time. This webinar taps into ways that you can brush-up on and strengthen internal systems and efficiencies, drawing emphasis on entering data, comments and the use of proof reading both 'all posts' and 'quick posts' in Hero.

Who should Attend?


Week 9 No sessions
Week 10 No sessions