The Hero your teachers deserve.

Hero is a powerful and secure online sharing platform that can be customised to reflect the curriculum, vision and values of any school. Built by teachers, school leaders and parents to help schools reduce workload, increase student agency and support parents to understand progress.

Hero packages allow schools to add functionality when they need to and caters for schools who want to start small with sharing through to a fully featured, complete student information system!

The Hero your teachers deserve

We live in a real-time world. Being able to chip away at small bites as they appear means we don’t get left with a wholly unchewable report mountain that’s accrued in the background.

Hero is a software solution that gives schools and teachers alternative ways to report effectively and efficiently to parents without adding workload. Goal setting and posting tools help students see what their next steps are, and teachers can plan directly from this data, which is also shared with the parents.

"Real-time reporting” does not translate as “click and share” every 5 minutes

It’s about the technology working smarter - teachers working smarter, reducing double and even triple handling and improving efficiencies.

We care about teacher’s time

Being passionate teachers and educators ourselves, this has and will always remain a focus of our development. Teachers needn’t be weighed down by report writing season. It doesn’t have to be “the way we’ve always done it."

A change leadership plan is essential

Moving to ongoing, digital reporting can be a significant change for many schools and their parent community. We support schools in their move towards online, timely and meaningful reporting with professional development, training and ongoing support. 

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Key Features:

Mobile app with push notifications

Available from The App Store and Google Play, our mobile app helps schools to communicate quickly and ectively via push notifications. Schools can push notifications to parents via any student groupings so that the message always gets through.


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier

Customised Pages and Tags

Schools can choose exactly how the organise student content, how it is tagged and with whom it is shared. School have complete control over student and staff pages to customise to suit their curriculum and values.


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier

Automatic grouping

Grouping of students is automatic in Hero! Schools can use templated auto groups or build their own so that data analysis and planning is as easy as possible. Hero uses live updating to keep all of your groups accurate, as the data is changed by the school, auto groups are automatically updated so you don't need to worry about manual updates!


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier

Post and Tag Analysis

Templated or custom tags, set by the school, can be used to tag student or teacher content so that the school leadership can analyse the data, identify patterns and plan next steps. Tags can be used for tracking support programmes, curriculum, behaviour or indeed anything that the school desires. Analysis can be done at any group including whole school level and can be segmented and scrutinised by date, ethnicity, gender and groupings.


This feature is available in: Super Duo Suite Premier