Careers at LINC-ED Hero

We're Looking for a Hero!

We are seeking a dynamic individual to join our heroic team who can support our growth into New South Wales, Australia. This is an exciting opportunity for a quick learner, who has the drive and passion to make a difference in the education sector. Sales and Australian Education experience is advantageous.

About Hero: 

The Hero platform is a fully cloud-based, Ministry approved Student Management System (SMS), built on modern, API driven technology. Our Heroic team understands the education landscape, with a wide range of skills in school leadership and change management, teaching and learning, and office and finance administration.

Working in the heart of schools has allowed our team to build a unique platform specifically for primary schools. As such, Hero has been designed to bring together the very best elements of a Student Management System and Learning Management System in one intuitive platform. The result is an advanced student-centric solution for sharing and tracking learning, driving student agency, gathering data to support decision making, and communicating with families.

The Hero App provides an all-inclusive hub for school staff, parents and students to celebrate progress and securely centralise key information - creating cohesion throughout the school and community.

Hero thrives on collaboration between our team and heroes in schools, and continues to develop to support future-focussed pedagogy. We are immensely proud of the solution which we offer schools, and cherish the strong partnerships we have formed through our shared vision.

The superpowers we are looking for...

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Highly personable, positive and enthusiastic.

  • Works collaboratively and is a team player.

  • Works independently and is a problem solver.

  • Uses initiative, is self-motivated with a growth mindset.

  • An outstanding communicator, both written and verbal.

  • Is analytical and a quick learner.

  • Flexible and adaptable.

  • Efficient and extremely well organised.

  • Calm, unflappable.

  • Confidential and professional.

Position Summary:

The role of the New South Wales Business Development Manager is to lead growth into the New South Wales market.

Overall Objective:

The overall objective is to generate new business in the New South Wales market and to refine a scalable sales strategy.

Develop a strong understanding of the New South Wales market. Identify opportunities to promote and sell the product and provide insights and recommendations around a sales strategy for market entry and growth.

Work with the CEO to set sales targets to support forecasting. Key areas of focus will include lead generation, pipeline management, tracking and reporting sales metrics using the company’s CRM.

The NSW BDM will be responsible for the customer journey throughout the sales process and developing and maintaining strong networks and relationships with new and existing client schools. This will include working closely with the NSW consultants to bring in specialist product knowledge and to support fostering relationships with potential customers.

Work closely with the COO to develop strong systems and processes for Heroic New South Wales schools with a focus on scale, retention and additional revenue streams. Provide customer feedback and insights at the early stages on their Hero journey to the development team.

This role will largely be based at Hero HQ in Christchurch, however, travel will be required at times, Covid permitting. Communication with potential customers will be largely online or over the phone, however, may also be in person.

Supporting our NSW based team remotely to maintain our strong team spirit, collaborative work practices and passionate advocates.

The Employee is expected, at a minimum, to:

Lead Generation

  • Work with the marketing team to leverage opportunities to target schools that fit the Hero profile across multiple jurisdictions, including social selling.

  • Harness existing company research to identify leads across target markets.

  • Using metrics, identify opportunities to promote the product and business and to drive sales in New South Wales. Work with the NSW consultants to provide opportunities to connect with target schools to build relationships and deliver product demonstrations eg) events, webinars, sponsorships, partnerships.

Manage Inbound Leads

  • Research and pre qualify leads and build a customer profile for all new enquiries.

  • Assume the role of key contact for a new school enquiry.

  • Build and manage relationships with customers throughout the sales process through a range of mediums - phone, Zoom, email etc.

  • Provide all information to new schools throughout the sales process.

  • Deliver a top level overview of the product and answer any questions that customers have about the product, onboarding process and ongoing support.

  • Facilitate deeper product demonstrations for key decision makers within schools with the Hero consulting team.

Sales Process

  • Work with the marketing team to contribute to the refinement of the Hero sales playbook, including a digital, social and virtual sales strategy.

  • Work with marketing to create and deliver content across various channels to generate new business.

  • Gain insights into the impact of various marketing and sales techniques and work with the marketing team to continually refine the Hero Journey Pack, standard communications and other content.

  • Continually refine the use of the company’s CRM to manage the sales pipe and to gain deeper metrics.

  • Ensure data is kept maintained and up to date in the CRM.

Insights and Reporting

  • Contribute to the setting of sales targets across the NSW market.

  • Using the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform, track sales metrics.

  • Report sales metrics at leadership team meetings and to key stakeholders across the company, such as the Linc Technologies Board.


  • Develop and maintain product knowledge across key areas of the Hero platform.

  • Remain on top of product development and changes.

  • Stay abreast of wider educational trends and best practice.

  • Remain across changes that impact schools e.g.) changes and updates from governing bodies, such as the New Zealand Ministry of Education and New South Wales Department of Education.


  • Lead the NSW sales component at the appropriate team meetings.

  • Work collaboratively across the various Hero teams to achieve company goals.

  • Act as a Hero advocate through various channels eg) social media.

  • Become highly networked across schools and business partners to create a community of Hero advocates.

  • Ensure all business processes, including security best practice, are followed and requirements are met through the effective use of the company’s chosen digital systems and applications.

How to apply:

This is a 12 month fixed term position that will commence on Monday 24th January 2022. To apply, please send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] by Friday 29th October. 


We're looking for a Support Hero!

We are looking for a Hero to join our growing, dynamic team. The role - Customer Support Lead

Who are we?

Hero is a Student Engagement Platform and is a complete communication solution for schools. We want all our users to experience delight when they use our service. Our number one aim is to achieve this in all areas of the experience. We want our users to be enthusiastic advocates for our software and service.

Mission and Values

“Pedagogy and best practice is the driver of Hero”

  • People first

  • Champion the mission

  • Be creative

  • Create solutions that go beyond the functional.

What is Hero?

Creating software that delights people

Hero is a unique application for schools that is simple, secure and stylish. The Hero platform was designed as a tool for teachers to share and track learning. Teachers, students and parents can be involved in sharing learning stories, and formal reporting is available online, in real-time.

Hero is a complete communication solution that is wrapped in a modern, fully cloud-based, Student Management System (SMS) approved by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. The Hero SMS platform is a fully-featured, world-class product that includes online enrolment processing, smart attendance flows, and pupil billing package with Xero integration.

To make the very best of Hero, schools are provided with high-quality service. As a team of experienced educators and school office administrators, we understand schools’ needs and our consulting services reflect this.

The superpowers we are looking for...

Personal attributes:

  • Highly personable, positive and enthusiastic.

  • Works collaboratively and is a team player.

  • Works independently and is a problem solver.

  • Uses initiative, is self-motivated with a growth mindset.

  • An excellent communicator, both written and verbal.

  • Flexible and adaptable.

  • Efficient and extremely well organised.

  • Calm, unflappable.

  • Confidential and professional.

Essential skills:

  • Strong training skills both online and in person.

  • Highly organised

  • Excellent digital skills and the ability to quickly learn a wide range of online platforms and applications.

  • Strong understanding of databases

  • Analytical and data-driven.

Key tasks and responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Monitor and support the customer experience through the onboarding process.

  • Identify trends and patterns that emerge and suggest improvements to refine the onboarding experience for all schools.

  • Responding to customer queries through helpdesk tickets, phone and other appropriate mediums.

  • Escalate queries to the Customer Success Lead by following documented processes.

  • Support customers through technical problem solving and liaising with the development team through the appropriate channels.

  • Write, update and publish documentation for the knowledge base of articles and resources.

  • Carry out technical tasks for client schools as directed by the Customer Success Lead or Quality Assurance Lead.

  • Use and update internal documentation so that responses are consistent, accurate and up to date.

  • Support the induction for new customer support staff.

  • Provide internal training on product features, enhancements.

  • Test new product features and enhancements.

  • Conducting usability research on product features, as required by the Customer Success Lead.

  • Coach Senior Customer Support representatives

  • Coordinate helpdesk coverage

  • Assume the role of “Fire Warden” in the event of a software incident.

Our company is on an international growth path and this role is fundamental to our success. As such we will look to our customer support representatives to have flexibility around times of work. 

How to apply:

If you are interested in joining a fast-paced, expanding team where you can help us make a positive impact, apply to Jessica at [email protected]. Please include your curriculum vitae and a cover letter letting us know why you would love to work with us.