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Tips for school leaders, teachers and administrators in preparation for the end of the 2018 school year and starting the 2019 school year.


Analysing end of year data

The following articles will assist you in analysing your end of year data and reporting this to your Board:

Progressions - End of year data analysis and Board reporting

School expectations - End of year data analysis and Board reporting

Assessment snapshots and Progress snapshots

Going Live?

If your school intends to go live to parents for the first time at the end of 2018, we recommend you plan for this to happen by the end of Week 8. This timeframe will ensure you can access support if you need assistance with your settings. This will also enable your parent community to gain support accessing their children’s learning should they require it prior to the end of the school year. Parents should access support from your school’s designated LINC-ED key contact.

Printing reports?

If your school wishes to print written report summaries, or allow parents to download and print written report summaries, we recommend you ensure your school’s report template is up-to-date and contains the information you require. We recommend you plan for this to happen before the end of Week 7. You can test this by adding School expectations/goals progressions data and published posts to your test student’s profile then navigate to Print previous reports> Summary reports> End 2018.

How to add a test student to your site

How to create a custom written report template

Class Placements

For your classes to rollover successfully for 2019, class placements MUST be completed by the end of the 2018 school year. Resources to assist with this process have been emailed to school office administrators.

Class Placements

Staff leaving?

When a staff member leaves there are key tasks you can carry out to make this a smooth process:

  1. Reassign their shared groups: Go to the staff homepage (house icon)> Menu> My groups> Locate the group and click ‘Edit’> Select another teacher to take responsibility for the group.
  2. A staff members account is never deleted. Change the staff members status to ‘Left’. Go to Admin> Menu> Staff> Select the staff member> Change their employment status to ‘Left’, remove their email address and click Update.  A staff members account is never deleted. This process prevents the former staff member from being able to log on in the future.
  3. Ensure the staff member’s Google account is archived not deleted as deleting their account will permanently remove all Google app files they have uploaded to LINC-ED.


Auto Groups

Auto Groups are based on the current calendar year and so for groups based on student posts (e.g Behaviour, ESOL, Support), these will be empty at the beginning of the school year. Below are the instructions to help you find 2018's Auto group and quickly add comments so the students show in the 2019 Auto group:

1. Click the Groups and Classes icon

2. Select Auto groups

3. Scroll to Programmes and select the group you wish to view

At the top of the screen you will see a URL that looks something similar to this:

4. At the end of this URL type &year=2018 then tap Enter/Return on your keyboard. This will display all the students who had a comment on the page during 2018

5. Click Menu then Quick comments

6. Select the page you wish to add comments to

7. Add &year=2018 to the end of the URL then tap Enter/Return on your keyboard

8. This will give you a comment box for each student in your 2018 Auto group. Add a comment for each student you wish to appear in your 2019 Auto group

My groups and Shared groups
2018 groups will no longer be visible in the Groups and Classes> Shared Groups area of your site. If staff wish to continue using a group from a previous year they can duplicate and rename these at the start of 2019:

1. Go to your staff homepage

2. Click Menu and select My groups

3. Click on the name of the group you wish to duplicate

4. Select Duplicate this group

5. Click Go to the new group

6. Click edit this group.

7. If you wish to have the group visible to all staff, check the box.

8. Rename your new group. You may wish to add the school year in the title. Click Update.

9. To locate your group go to Groups and Classes (two heads icon)> My groups

10. If you have made the group visible to all staff they can locate this by going to Groups and Classes (two heads icon)> Shared groups

Student Goals

The goals set at the end of 2018 will continue to show for students. To locate a summary of current goals for your class, navigate to the class or group you require> Menu> Group Goal Setting> Download all current goals set for these students

New Staff - Resources to help them learn to use LINC-ED

Once the profile for a new staff member has been created in your site they can personalise their password and log into LINC-ED.

Personalising your password (For staff)

It may be helpful for the new staff member to be led through an introduction to the key features and functions of the software. Resources to support this process can be found by going to Quick Links> LINC-ED Guides> Teachers.

New Staff - Giving access to appraisal pages
When the profile for a new staff member has been created in your site, you may wish to give access to their appraisal pages to other staff members such as school leaders, a team leader or a tutor teacher. Instructions on how to do this can be found in this help article: Giving access to another staff member's pages