The Payment Service Terms and Conditions

LINC-ED provides schools with a service to process online credit and debit card payments; LINC-ED will respect and protect your community’s privacy, data and any personal information collected. All payments are processed via Stripe and LINC-ED does not access or store any credit or debit card information.

In order to use the LINC-ED payments service for processing school payments you need to sign up with Stripe for an account. This will allow you to view all transactions made via LINC-ED to your bank account and optionally connect this to a Xero account for easy reconciliation.

When processing payments, Stripe takes a service fee of 2.9% +30c per transaction. In addition LINC-ED takes a 20c service fee. Payees will see the exact fee when they make the payments and schools will see them listed in their Stripe account.

Set up:

To turn on the service:

Go to Admin→ Menu→ Finance Options

Scroll to the Online Payments section. Read the relevant terms and conditions. Now switch Enable Online Payments to ‘On’. This will then check to see if you have a connected Stripe account. If you do not, you will see a button labelled ‘Connect to LINC-ED Payments’. Clicking this will take you to the Stripe account creation page. Add the requested information and accept the Stripe terms. Stripe will ask you for a NZBN, please complete this section with 13 zeros. 0000000000000

On completion you will be redirected to your LINC-ED Finance options where you should now see a checkbox confirming that your Stripe account has been connected.

Your payments service is now ready to go.

When a parent logs into their LINC-ED account they will see a ‘Finance’ link at the top of the page (if you have turned this on for your parents). Clicking on this will give the parent a statement of charges for the current year for all their children. Alongside each payment amount there is an option to pay online. Once payments have been selected the user can click on the ‘Pay Now’ button. Then they will be taken through the payment process.

All payments made this way will be automatically reconciled with LINC-ED so that the school can see the payment details. These details are also included in the various reports that can be generated for finances.