Our team has been working diligently on this new feature and in the last few weeks have put extra effort into its successful delivery, knowing this will be a very useful tool to aid ongoing communication and learning.

We call it ‘Student Feed’

Check out the short video below:

Student Feeds LINC-ED Hero

With it, you can post targeted messages to students based on groupings chosen by the school. Then, using customisable pages, students can respond by uploading work samples and reflections. These can be linked to the personalised goals on which students are working.

Schools are so much more than merely a place where children learn to read and write. Our schools provide young people with a place to feel safe, secure, and above all, they provide a sense of connection and community.

At times like these, learning must continue, and we need an ecosystem of applications and online tools to support this.

Hero is a robust communication learning tool for students, parents, teachers, support staff and all of those on the children's learning journey.

It is the "walled garden" that enables secure, whole-school communication and ensures the learning is visible for all.

Virtual assembly is now possible.

With 'Student Feed', teachers, support staff and school leaders can engage with groups of students or the whole school. Links (such as Zoom) can be shared easily with the entire community through the Hero app to run a virtual assembly and such like.

We always see our role at Hero as being that of teacher/student relationship enhancers, exploring new ways to foster better relationships between those involved in and coming along for the children's learning journey.

'Student Feed' makes it viable to connect with specific groups of students with and beyond their classroom and teachers. For example, your school's librarian wants to curate a book club chat - with 'Student Feed' it's easy, and can be held online, made visible only to those that wish to participate.

We are very excited about taking your school through this next stage of our journey.

Being teachers and parents ourselves, with 'Student Feed' we hope to nourish engagement so communication can flourish from wherever we might be working.