In response to the government’s COVID-19 Alert Level 3 announcement last week, LINC-ED Hero has released a brand new feature - Super Simple Survey - to manage the attendance of students learning both onsite and at home. We are super proud of our incredible team who have gone the extra mile to make this happen!

Schools need daily bubble data

Right now, schools face the challenge of planning for which students will be learning onsite on a daily basis. They need this data to meet health requirements to enable social distancing and to allocate spaces for bubbles of 10. No small task, right?

Without the right tools, the logistics of gathering, recording and keeping attendance information is a highly manual, challenging administrative nightmare. Currently, schools are wrestling with various stand-alone forms and survey systems, as well as email, spreadsheets etc. to manage lists of students who will be attending both onsite and at home.

But wait, there’s more. All of this information then needs to be cross-referenced with the data in a school’s Student Management System. Groups need to be created, lists made and for student attendance to be processed accurately, in accordance with the New Zealand Ministry of Education’s requirements.

Introducing Super Simple Survey LINC-ED Hero

Super Simple Survey - simple - immediate - secure

This will be a fluid and ever-changing situation for many families. Schools will need to know on a daily basis who is attending onsite.

Hero’s community feed is being heavily utilised by schools to keep families up-to-date with all school information. This has been enhanced to enable our new Super Simple Survey feature. The school will simply create a new community notice and add a question with a two option answer eg) yes/no. Parents will then see the post for their children’s groups and the question for each of their children.

Super simple example:

Will your son/daughter be learning from home? - yes/no

Will your son/daughter be attending school? - yes/no

This information is automated, feeding back into Hero SIS. The school can then view a table of all students in the selected groups and the responses that were provided. With the click of a button, groups can be created and the roll can be taken and processed from the group. All information is accurate and kept in one place.

Super Simple Survey goes beyond attendance

We have extended Super Simple Survey to allow teachers to ask questions of students via our new Student Feed feature. Simple questions can be sent to groups of students and the responses grouped. In the current environment, teachers may create a post explaining a task for a group of students and ask that the students answer the question. “Do you understand what you need to do for this task?” the teacher is then able to see all the replies in a simple table, so that they can target their support.

Super Simple Survey can also be used by teachers to gather wellbeing information from students and create target groups based on responses.

That’s the thing about being a HERO. You see a need, you don your cape, you’re working from home, so no-one minds that you're wearing a cape, and then you swiftly respond to schools’ needs.

Your daily HERO - Super quick. Super simple. Super helpful.