The government’s decision to replace National Standards is an opportunity for new and better solutions to reduce teacher workload and keep parents well informed of their children’s progress. 

Standards are not just about statistics and league tables but about caring for the individual child, monitoring progress and tailoring education to fit personal needs.

At LINC-ED, we recognise the importance of tracking the progress of every learner with a system that makes individual achievement transparent and visible for school leaders, teachers and parents.

As parents and educators ourselves we know that every child is unique and has individual learning and pastoral needs. LINC-ED provides the tools that go beyond statistics and makes sure that every child matters. Our technology not only tracks students’ progress but aims to reduce teacher workload and the burden of unnecessary administration.

Our systems are tailored not just for each student but for each school, recognising that one size doesn't fit all. We take parents beyond the school gate by sharing with their children’s progress and making education visible.

What now?

The following statement can be found on the Ministry’s website. As per the last paragraph, we advise schools to continue “their reporting to parents, students, and to the Ministry of Education, on National Standards, remain in place until officially change.”

National Standards are being replaced

13th November 2017

The Ministry of Education is working with the Government on its policy to replace National Standards and Ngā Whanaketanga Rūmaki Māori with a new system that better acknowledges a child’s progress and focuses more on developing key competencies for all learners. Boards of Trustees, principals, teachers, and parents will be kept informed on this change.
In the interim, our advice is that boards should continue to use the range of current tools they now have for reporting on student progress and achievement.
Boards are asked to note that the National Administration Guidelines (NAGS), as regards their own planning and reporting processes, and their reporting to parents, students, and to the Ministry of Education, on National Standards, remain in place until officially change.

Where to next?

OTJ Reporting

The option to continue to report against school expectations, using the current framework, will remain available within LINC-ED - ie biannual and anniversary OTJs.  All reference to National Standards will be removed and replaced with "expectations" as set by the school using the level standards overview feature.

Progressions Based Reporting

Many schools are using LINC-ED's goal setting tool extensively. Our development team have been working on exciting new enhancements to the goal setting functionality and we have extended this feature to allow schools to:

  • Track student progress through the goals (progressions)
  • Show parents where their children are tracking with the goals
  • Made it easier for schools to add to and amend the goals
  • Added goal sets for all curriculum subjects through to the end of Year 10 including the new Digital Technologies Curriculum

We are genuinely excited about this coming release early in Term 1 - watch this space!