The feature our heroes have requested is here! Gain greater clarity over your community engagement with Hero. Post analysis is the final part of a three-part release of Hero Subscriptions.

You now have the ability to view information about notifications sent and content that has been read for any post in Hero.

Through Engagement Analysis you can ensure your community is kept in the loop and you will gain greater insight into how interactions are made with the valuable information that you provide:

Post analysis will tell you:

  • Who has been sent a notification for a post.

  • How and when this was sent.

  • If the post has been read.

  • Easily see the reasons why notifications have not been sent.

Top tips:
Maximise this feature by encouraging your community to download the Hero app. We’ll have more coming to help your school with this soon...

Gain more accurate metrics by helping your community to log into the app, rather than viewing entire content within an email notification. This will provide a clearer picture of engagement.

For more information check out the help article below:

Analysing Community Engagement with Posts

For all feature releases, check out the Hero flame in your software:

Image by: LINC-ED Hero