Last term we notified LINC-ED leaders in your school about the release of our new product, Hero. If you missed that and/ or want to know more, check out our heroic new website -

Hero is a new and separate product that retains the intuitive LINC-ED heart. Enhancements have been made, rather than radical changes and privacy and security remains at the core of our development. There are differences and we understand these must be clearly communicated to schools and that support resources are provided.

You want to know when, and how, and by whom...

Already, we have received expressions of interest from LINC-ED schools keen to transition to Hero. Here’s how it is going to roll out…

Our migration process:

  • 1. Individual site review - Our team will review the site of each school to identify the feature sets being used. This review will be a major factor in determining the timeline for your migration.

  • 2. Bringing Hero to life - Training videos will be shared with school leaders, teachers, office administrators and finance administrators to help you get a feel for the new interface and feature set. We hope this will excite, delight and reassure.

  • 3. What’s new or different? - You will be provided with resources that highlight the differences between LINC-ED and Hero. Many of the changes have been based on user feedback. We know you’ll all love our new editing tags feature! And, of course, our new Hero mobile app - now available in all apps stores.

  • 4. Managing change - We are delighted to be releasing a Hero webinar series next year to support all Hero schools, maximise their use of our software and to really make Hero fly. The webinar schedule and subscription details will be released at the beginning of the new school year and will be a source of ongoing school-wide PD for office administrators, teachers and leaders.


We will not be migrating schools to Hero in 2019. Term 4 is a short and high-pressure time of year and we want the experience to be a smooth and successful one.

Migrations will begin in 2020 and will be scheduled in small groups.

The techie bit:

The technical migration will be done by our team. Migration timeline details will be clearly communicated with your principal, LINC-ED lead(s) and office administrators.

All content will be migrated, from student information through to posts, achievement and progress data and learning artefacts.

The migration will happen outside of your working day to prevent downtime.

At present, we are unable to provide a specific time as to when your school will be migrated to Hero. We are keeping a record of the schools who would like to be prioritised. Please feel welcome to contact us through the helpdesk if you wish to be added to this list.

We are really excited about this next phase of our journey with you…

and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for believing in us and sharing our vision. We will continue to listen and enhance your user experience.

We believe every kid needs a Hero and it is the Heroes in schools that change lives!