Over the years, the team at LINC-ED have developed various ways to present data to help schools analyse progress and achievement. Since the removal of National Standards, schools in New Zealand have refocused on the curriculum and so our team continue to develop new and better ways for schools to visualise their data.

We have recently added some new analysis tools that help teachers to:

  1. Clearly see progress.

  2. Identify students at risk.

  3. Group students for tracking.

  4. Plan next learning steps for students.

These new tools are now available in your LINC-ED site. A big thank you to those schools who tested these for us and offered feedback on ways to improve them prior to this update.

Progress Snapshots

The focus of this tool is on showing progress through curriculum areas or specific assessments. Use the buttons at the top of the page to change the assessment being shown.

Coloured boxes highlight the students who have moved up a level, stayed at the same level or moved to a lower level.

Below the main data table are aggregate tables that show the group’s progress over 8 terms (2 years). The chart below this gives a visual representation of the data.

Assessment Snapshots

The new Assessment snapshots button is similar to the first tool but only shows the most recent assessment data for the group.

In this case, the aggregate data is showing the percentage and number of students at each level, this is further broken down by Ethnicity and Gender.

We have received feedback from schools that this new feature has been particularly helpful for staff responsible for Reading Recovery who need to collate reading level data by ethnicity.