Pop philosopher Yogi Berra said, ‘If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.’ It’s one thing to want to succeed. Another entirely to know the benchmarks for achieving that success and what the final destination looks like.

Students set goals to give them a sense of direction and purpose. We believe that’s why ‘goal setting/ progressions’ is one of our most popular and frequently used HERO features. So, we’ve taken it one step further - teachers are now able to set criteria for that success within Hero.

The real power of goal setting through Hero is the agency it provides students. The ability for students to understand their specific goals and next steps in learning is fundamental to helping them celebrate personal success, reflect on the progress they are making and for us to support them as they move forward.

More and more, we are seeing students engage with both personalised goals (PLP) and curriculum progressions across many schools. So, we have launched a new feature that will help make this process even more valuable… success criteria!

Now, when you update the goals in Hero, you can add exemplar material/success criteria to help teachers, caregivers and students understand what is expected when working on the goal(s). Examples can be text or links to external resources such as websites or video resources.

Wherever success criteria are set for a goal, a small “?” button appears so that users can delve deeper into the goal.

Student agency drives and motivates our team of Heroes and we were all excited to see that over 24 million goals have been updated in LINC-ED or Hero over the last 4 years! With that many goals scored, if we were a football team, we’d have won the cup by now! Instead, we’ll settle for a cup of tea and a high five.