Thinking about transitioning to LINC-ED Hero from Assembly?

Change can be tricky to navigate. LINC-ED Hero is here to help you map these next steps in your Heroic journey.

The Hero platform is a fully cloud-based and comprehensive Student Engagement System (featuring an SMS module), built on modern, secure API driven technology.

Over the past 10 years, we have focussed on building a robust product which can be rolled out at scale. By building efficiencies into our data transfer and onboarding processes, including comprehensive training for new client schools, our Heroes are equipped with the tools they need to take flight.

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Bring everything together in one place

Hero connects all elements of modern day learning in one place - online, real time, through your Hero App. Accessible anywhere and on any device.

With all the functionality of a Student Management System (SMS), Hero brings the added benefits of:

  • Tracking and reporting of your student’s holistic learning journey. Students are placed front and centre and are provided with tools to contribute to their learning journey.
  • Centralising assessments, reporting and data analysis tools.
  • Streamlining communication, both internally and to your community, to reduce the need for multiple apps and services.

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Hero surpasses the feature sets of traditional Student Management Systems and can add value by replacing:

  • Student Management System
  • Digital Portfolio (Learning Stories) App
  • School notices (communications) App
  • Online payments App

Transition at your pace. Implement features as your school is ready and be guided by our experts.


Use any curriculum to report and track progress

We know one size does not fit all. LINC-ED Hero’s customisable nature allows for any curriculum, or combination of curricula, to be added into Hero for your teachers, students and parents to engage with. Schools can adapt and extend these to meet their own needs, or add bespoke curriculum progressions, milestones and expectations.

Schools can adapt and extend these to meet their own needs. A school’s localised curriculum reflects what makes their environment special and unique. Hero makes it possible to bring this to life for the whole community. Bespoke curriculum progressions, milestones and expectations can all be added to meet every school’s specific needs and requirements.

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Collaborative learning journeys

LINC-ED Hero functions to promote student agency, opportunities for student reflection and allows for students to pioneer their learning journey, in close collaboration with their teachers. It also provides greater visibility for parents, who can closely follow and interact with their child(ren)s learning journey via the Hero app.

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Created for New Zealand schools, by New Zealand educators

LINC-ED Hero is built by school leaders and teachers, who are also parents, to help schools reduce workload, increase student agency and support parents to understand progress.


Our Heroes understand education and bring a wide range of skills in school leadership and change management, teaching and learning, and office and finance administration. Hero Consultants work with key staff members at the various stages of their journey to ensure our schools have a positive and successful experience.

We offer ongoing support and professional services providing a combination of strong pedagogical knowledge, change leadership skills and software expertise.

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Ease the transition to LINC-ED Hero

Our highly experienced data and onboarding teams will guide you through our effective transition process.

*One-off set up fees apply

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    Get in touch with us to book a software demonstration. We'll take you through the Hero features, packages and pricing.
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    Our onboarding team will work closely and collaboratively with you and your school’s Heroes to set your school up for success.
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    Your school will enjoy all the benefits of Hero and receive ongoing professional support from our team of Heroes.

New Zealand’s fastest-growing Student Management System

Future proof your school by choosing a full cloud solution that enables smart, secure integrations to be enabled and controlled by your school. Linc Technologies is a company committed to innovation and moving forward and is the fastest growing SMS in New Zealand. Click to view the stats..


In November 2020, LINC-ED Hero was recognised in the Australia-New Zealand EdTech 50.


We can get some really simple data, really quickly. We can get our financial package in there, we can get our data package in there, we can post to parents through the app. The product is so varied and customisable which is its biggest strength

Chris, Deputy Principal, Thorrington Primary School

The software has allowed our students to have agency over their learning, has supported teachers to be co-agents of that learning and has encouraged the community to engage with our pedagogy. The capacity to celebrate learning underpins the whole Hero reporting system, and the ability to customize the platform enabled us to deliver genuinely personalised learning.



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